Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Recipe Diva website is launched!!

Thanks to everyone that has followed this blog!  I have very exciting news, The Recipe Diva website is now officially launched and open for business!!  Join now for free!!
 Enjoy these exciting features and many more:
  • Search, follow, and communicate with your fellow cooks in the Diva Network!
  • Feel the sense of community by participating in the global user forum, rating and reviewing other user’s recipes, sharing your own recipes, keeping your profile up-to-date, and even submitting yourself for Cook-of-the-Week. 
  • Browse and save delicious recipes, how-to's, and much more!
  • No more last minute trips to the grocery store! Create and manage your Grocery List in one central location, add an entire recipe in a simple click! 
  • In need of a Christmas recipe? On a Gluten-free diet? Browse and search for recipes that are conveniently categorized by occasion, cuisine, dietary restriction,  
  • Customize recipes and join in the fun by uploading your own!


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