Friday, April 2, 2010

Pavlova Stack

As I was about to make dinner, my fiance had to go out and run a few errands.  I decided to surprise him with an after-dinner treat to quench his ever-growing sweet tooth.  I knew I didnt have much time so I needed to make something that I was comfortable with. 

As it's a favorite around here, I am obviously very comfortable with making pavlova at this point; however, it has a very long bake time...  I wasn't going to let that stop me!  Using my go-to recipe for Pavlova, I decided to make mini bases in order to decrease the required cook time to about 40 minutes.  They were too cute!

I simply layered the pavlova patties with whipped cream and topped off my pavlova mountain with passionfruit and strawberries. 

It was divine as always!  So light and delicious!  How was there life before pavlova?  The sweet strawberries and smooth cream contrasted by the tangy passionfruit and finished off with the satisfying crunch of the meringue... heaven!

It's so easy to come up with your adaption!  I think I'll experiment with adding some different flavors to the meringue!  Any available taste testers?


  1. Girl, definitely try the chocolate pav. It really has a different feel, and has been a HUGE hit every time I've made it.

  2. Thanks Shannon! I definitely will!! Any recipe tips?



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