Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Food???

Living in Australia, quite often I get asked about American food.  How would I describe the cuisine...  What IS American food?

Honestly, I think I could better describe almost any cuisine - Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Mexican, Japanese, Indian, Caribbean... you get the idea.  I never really have a good response when asked about American.  I refuse to say hamburgers and hot dogs or any of the other cliche stereotypes that other countries have of our eating habits.  So this is a cry for help, does anyone have a good answer to this question?

What IS American food?!?


  1. I think you could almost break it down by city. For example:
    Chicago - pizza, hot dog, roast beef sandwich, etc.
    New Orleans, gumbo, etouffee, crawfish, etc.


  2. we probably invented bar b que ribs (and bar b que in general), so we win obviously.

    - ryan

  3. Good call! Loving this response and NOT loving the fact that you can't get good barbeque anywhere in Australia!

  4. crabcakes are American!



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