Monday, January 11, 2010

A WARM welcome back to Melbourne!

After many flights over the holiday season - Australia to Chicago to South Carolina to Richmond to Chicago to Grand Cayman to Chicago and back to Australia (phew!), my feet are firmly planted on the ground here in sunny, HOT Melbourne!

We left 10 inches of snow in Chicago to land to a balmy 43 degrees C (108 degrees F), typical early summer weather right?  Probably not the best weather to start an herb garden... but I can be quite stubborn when I have my mind set on something!  Since moving into this house and finally having a backyard, I've been dying to have some fresh herbs, but knew it didn't make sense before our trip home.  After a bit of sweat and tears, I made it happen... and don't worry, it really cooled off today at 34 degrees C (94 degrees F)!

Since we don't own the property, I thought it best restrict my planting to pots... this is just a start, looking forward to picking up the tomato plants that I ordered today!

Can't wait to start using my new fresh herbs!  So far I have basil, oregano, thai chilis (not an herb, yes I know), thyme, tarragon, more chilis!, sage, parsely and chives!  Stay tuned!



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