Friday, March 19, 2010

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Review: 1st Edition

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is currently underway and there are fabulous events going on all over the city!  This is the first of many events that I plan on attending.  I look forward to taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity to further explore the food and wine culture which Melbourne is so well known for. 

"Lose yourself in Melbourne."  As Melbourne is famous for it's hidden treasures found in the most unrecognizable laneways, we figured a laneway party was a great way to start enjoying the festival.  Again this year, Comme Kitchen in Melbourne's CBD hosted Joie de Vivre. 

Alfred Place was shipped overseas to France as guests enjoyed the tastes and sounds of France.  Contemporary French fare served hors d'oeuvre style, Frech wine, Kronenbourg, and French accordion music were enjoyed alfresco.   

My take.  We had a wonderful time, the weather held out and we enjoyed some nice food and drink.  Would we have had a great time if it weren't for good company?  I dont know if I would use the word great.  Although there were a limited number of tickets sold, they seemed to be short on food.  Servers brought around hors d'oeuvres throughout the evening, but at times, we didn't see any for 15 minutes or more and they ran out before the server made it to our table.  There was a point when they ran out of wine as well and had to restock. 

I was limited in what I tasted as I am not currently eating meat.  The ratatouille tarts were good although the actual tart was a bit dry.  The salted cod balls were fantastic, perfectly light and fluffy with a nice crunch.  Unfortunatly, we did not get to taste the scallop ceviche as they seemed to run out before it made it's way over.  Obviously, there were many hors d'oeuvres which I did not get to try so I am not sure if my review is a good reflection of the fare.

Would I go again next year?  No, unless I had the great company that I did this year and was confident that I would leave with a bit more food in my stomach.  I will be doing some catching up this weekend... looking forward to Cellar Door at Southgate, The Flavour Fiesta at Prahran Market, and the Roman Block Party at Giuseppe Arnold & Sons.

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