Saturday, March 20, 2010

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Review: 2nd Edition

Prahran Market held the Flavour Fiesta yesterday.  In a word : Disappointed.  VERY disappointed.  In my opinion, it was barely worth the two dollars that we paid to park.  I couldn't see much difference from any other day visiting Prahran Market.

We were expecting a 'very special tasting event' as it was advertised, an event to educate shoppers, compare produce and learn about selection.  There were VERY few tastings and most of them were the same thing, grilled sausages.  Honestly, I most enjoyed reading the few educational postings about food and ingredients.

I do not recommend this event and I am disappointed that Prahran Market did not do more for this great concept.  Heading the Roman Block Party tonight and I do not expect to be disappointed.

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