Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy for cupcakes!

Cupcakes have been around since before I was born, but as I'm sure everyone has noticed, these tasty little treats are quite trendy lately.  They come in all different flavors and colors ... but no one can deny the appeal of the cupcake, both visually and in your tummy.

They are popping up everywhere - showers, cupcake shops, weddings, and for me... CHURCH!!  Which brings me to the beautiful duo below...

You definitely don't see the parishioners jetting out after communion at Mt. Carmel!  We are lucky enough to have a culinary genius that has mastered the art of the cupcake amongst us...

These images of perfection are HOMEMADE!

Michael, our resident cupcake chef will often add a sweet ending to mass surprising us with the these delicious treats.  I've never seen someone make more beautiful cupcakes, topped with anything from glitter to butterflies!  Little does he know... I am going to try to ambush him for a lesson!

Any good cake recipes or tips to share?  I've never dabbled in this field...


  1. Any chance you can expedite this training with Michael? While you’re at it, any chance you can have Shannon give you a lesson on that cake she makes...I'm sure they can easily be transformed into cup cakes!

  2. Very true! I need to take advantage!



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